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Performance Sleep Review

Performance Sleep offers a different approach to sleep aids. Scientists and clinical studies show that there’s no difference between synthetic melatonin and TartCherry extract, but the makers of Performance Sleep claim that their TartCherry offers a more natural approach to how this ingredient converts to melatonin. 

While this product is missing many other ingredients that could potentially aid in improving sleep, we can’t discount this product since over 65% of users say that this product works well for them in most all of the sleep-rating categories.

performance lab sleep review
Overall Rating 65%
Effectiveness 63%
Speed of Results 63%
Ingredient Quality 83%
Safety Compliance 72%

Table of Contents

What We Like About Performance Sleep
  • Helps you sleep longer and deeper
  • Many different ingredients that work
  • Full 30 day supply
What We Don't Like About Performance Sleep
  • Doesn’t contain melatonin
  • No Valerian root extract
  • No Lavender extract

What Are The Ingredients In Performance Sleep?

You probably landed on this product because of it’s unique set of ingredients. Performance Sleep contains a full 30 day supply, which we do love seeing since it seems to be more and more popular among companies to only send out 12-15 days of product at once.

The star player ingredient that Performance Sleep touts is “CherryPURE”, which is a concentrated cherry extract. The reason that they added this ingredient is because it has shown to convert to melatonin in low amounts.

Unfortunately, there’s no chemical difference in how the melatonin you find in all other products compared to the cherry extract. So, you end up paying a very premium price for an ingredient that works the same way as a melatonin supplement. But, it’s certainly a unique idea!

  • Magnesium
  • CherryPURE®
  • L-Tryptophan
performance sleep ingredients supplement facts
Conclusion On Performance Sleep

Performance sleep has a unique take, for sure. They claim that this formula is well suited for those with nerve problems and helps with tooth aches (yes, you read that correctly). They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which is bottom-tier since it can take a week to get a product, and a week to send it back.

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