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ZzzQuil Review

ZzzQuil is a product that comes from a response from consumers using this company’s famous product “NyQuil” to get sleep. 

Does ZzzQuil stack up to it’s famous big brother? We’ll touch on the pro’s and con’s of ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s natural sleep aid formula and you can decide for yourself if it’s a product for you.

zzzquil review
Overall Rating 81%
Effectiveness 65%
Speed of Results 86%
Ingredient Quality 71%
Safety Compliance 92%

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What's In ZzzQuil And How Does It Work?

ZzzQuil contains a completely different ingredient list than that of it’s big brother, “NyQuil). ZzzQuil is a natural, herbal approach and this company’s first attempt at a dietary supplement. How is it different from it’s big brother? Obviously, it isn’t smart to use all of the decongestants and acetaminophen (pain reliever) for each dose since they can cause problems such as liver failure.

ZzzQuil is a much safer option if you want to stay faithful to the Vicks brand.

The ingredients include:

  • Melatonin
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon Balm
  • Valerian Root
  • 25 Calories
  • 5 grams of sugar


zzzquil supplement facts
What We Like About ZzzQuil
  • Contains sleep aid ingredients
  • Not terribly expensive
  • Gummies taste great
  • Lasts a full month
What We Don't Like About ZzzQuil
  • Full of sugar and mimics candy
  • Only 100mg of active ingredients
  • Only contains 1/7 amount of active ingredients compared to the #1 product

What's In ZzzQuil That Makes It More Unique Than Other Sleep Aids?


ZzzQuil contains sleep aid ingredients. However, they’ve only added 100mg of active ingredients compared to nearly 800mg in the current, top-rated product. The need to consume 2 separate gummies tells us that they wanted a product to taste great instead of being highly effective. 

We’ve had the gummies and tested this product. It does taste great, but that’s less important to us than an effective and useful formula. It gets points for ease of availability, pricing, and taste.

ZzzQuil Side Effects: PRO's
  • Slightly improved sleep
  • Great taste
ZzzQuil Side Effects: CON's
  • Weak formula and need to take up to 6-8 gummies to be as effective as top rated products
  • Most abundant ingredient is sugar
Conclusion On ZzzQuil

If you struggle with swallowing medium sized capsules, then ZzzQuil might be a better option. Each serving is a delicious set of gummies that taste just like candy. However, that’s also one of the drawbacks. Since it only has 100mg in each set of gummies, you might be required to consume 6-10 for a single night. That could come to up to 150 added calories right before bed. The price is great, but there’s no type of guarantee. If you just need something moderate, that tastes great and need to grab it from the store today, we recommend ZzzQuil gummies!

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