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Sedaplex Review

Sedaplex certainly grabs your attention with it’s clever name and branding. This product is a great option if you’re already taking a mild sleep aid since this one is missing a few key ingredients. 

Don’t let that alarm you since many people find that “stacking” or combining products can be very beneficial to finding the best combination for their ability to improve sleep. This product will last 15 days but doesn’t come with any type of guarantee or money-back option. 

sedaplex review
Overall Rating 80%
Effectiveness 74%
Speed of Results 81%
Ingredient Quality 78%
Safety Compliance 82%

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What's In Sedaplex And How Does It Work?

Sedaplex contains several ingredients that have been clinically proven to help people improve their sleep and get better rest, providing them with better energy, higher immune levels, and improved health.

Sedaplex’s downfall is that they focus too much on only 2-3 ingredients that are inexpensive and miss some of the higher quality ingredients such as valerian root extract, lavender extract, and others.

Sedaplex ingredients include:

  • Magnesium
  • L-Theanine
  • Magnolia Bark
  • Tumeric Complex
sedaplex ingredients supplement facts
What We Like About Sedaplex
  • Uses the premium version of Magnesium
  • Contains L-Theanine
  • Contains some sleep aid ingredients
What We Don't Like About Sedaplex
  • Only contains 15 days worth
  • 1 serving is 4 capsules
  • Doesn’t contain many of the other proven and powerful sleep aid ingredients

What Makes Sedaplex Unique?

Magnolia & Teracurmin

2 ingredients that are pretty uncommon in sleep aids are magnolia and turmeric/circumin. They are found to help relieve stress from inflammation. So, if you suffer from joint pain, then you could take Sedaplex as a pain-management alternative.

Large Dose

Each serving of Sedaplex contains a whopping 4 capsules. So, some users may find this formula a difficult one to get down.

Lasts Only 2 Weeks

A common trend among newer companies or companies that are trying to cut costs is to reduce the number of servings in their products. While each serving packs a punch, we can’t help but point out that Sedaplex only contains 2 weeks worth of servings.

Sedaplex Side Effects: PRO's
  • Sleep longer
  • Deeper sleep
  • No grogginess
Sedaplex Side Effects: CON's
  • Difficulty swallowing all the capsules (4 in each serving)
  • Couldn’t feel the full effect of better sleep since the formula is missing several key ingredients
Conclusion On Sedaplex

Sedaplex is a newer product that has become increasingly popular over the past 8 months. It contains 15 servings in each bottle and doesn’t offer a guarantee. It helps decrease inflammation with it’s key ingredients and contains high-quality magnesium for better sleep.

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