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Z-SlimPM Review

Z-SlimPM is similar to KetoSCORCH PM in that it doubles as both a sleep aid and a nighttime appetite suppressant. The makers of this product have an array of products that primarily deal with muscle building and recovery after workouts. This product is to help those with fitness goals improve their overall nightly muscle recovery, while maintaining leaner muscle mass and improving rest and relaxation.

While this product doesn’t come with any sort of money back guarantee, the reviews are at least 7/10 in most categories. So, if you’re looking to improve your workout recovery and keep trim at the same time, we suggest giving this product a chance.

zslim pm
Overall Rating 69%
Effectiveness 74%
Speed of Results 63%
Ingredient Quality 75%
Safety Compliance 68%

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What's In Z-SlimPM And How Does It Work?

Z-slim pm supplement facts ingredients
What We Like About Z-SlimPM
  • 2-in-1 product
  • Contains some sleep aid ingredients
  • Lasts a full 30 days
What We Don't Like About Z-SlimPM
  • Minimal amount of sleep aid portion of formula
  • Cheap version of magnesium

What Makes Z-SlimPM Unique?

2 In 1 Product

You supposedly get the best of both worlds: Sleep better and lose weight while you do it! This product does contain multiple vitamins and minerals as well as some proven ingredients to help you lose weight and sleep better.

Z-SlimPM Side Effects: PRO's
  • Mild weight loss
  • Slightly better sleep
Z-SlimPM Side Effects: CON's
  • Doesn’t seem to do 1 thing very well but does a couple of things – just “ok”
  • More energy the next day
Conclusion On Z-SlimPM

While there’s a lot of “hype” surrounding this product, we’ve concluded that after testing it, it’s average or slightly below. No money back guarantee is offered, but it does last a full 30 days. Most customer reviews rate this product in the 7/10 range, but as experts, this product is rated about 6/10.

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